Workforce Management Solution
Get real-time staff visibility to help you optimise workplace safety and productivity.

COREIoT Workforce Management solution is a complete turnkey package that comes with wireless sensors, a 4G IoT gateway and a web portal that includes data analytics.

It’s a simple plug and play solution in which, wireless sensors, 4G IoT gateway and the web portal can be set up within minutes.

Advanced tracking with dwell time detection provides complete visibility of your workforce.


Identify last seen location to ensure staff safety

Real-time staff location visibility

Optimise workforce performance and productivity

Streamline staff management processes and safety

Key Features

Staff Visibility

Dwell Time Monitoring

Entry/Exit Monitoring

Productivity Optimisation

Mobile Application
(iOS and Android)

SMS and Email Alerts

How it works
  • Industrial grade wireless sensors are provided to staff
  • Workforce Management solutions continuously monitors your staff location at frequent intervals
  • This data is analysed and is visually presented on the web portal dashboard
  • Sends SMS and Email notifications for alerts
Why COREIoT Workforce Management?
Productivity Monitoring

Based on sensor data, get the whereabouts of the personnel within the organisation to help you analyse labour cost and improve productivity.

Emergency Evacuation

Based on sensor data, get vital insights of whereabouts of your workforce in the event of emergency mustering or evacuation.

Wireless Operation

COREIoT Sensors and Gateway work wirelessly. A plug and play solution that can be up and running within minutes

Easy Installation

COREIoT Sensors are powered with long life batteries. The COREIoT Gateway comes with 4G enabled SIM card and the sensors connect wirelessly to the Gateway