Gain real-time visibility of your production to address issues as they arise


 Production Monitoring

Real-time production monitoring tool to manage production, machines, workforce and manage issues before they arise.


Real-time production monitoring to identify the issue before they arise and avoid delays

Capture machine-hours, labour costs to gain visibility on internal charges and profitability

Access past production data for quotation, estimation as well as for tendering

Avoid silo and manual communications between work centre and TLs to reduce walk around and promptly address errors and downtimes


Proactive prompts to TLs and supervisors for jobs that are delayed or likely to be delayed due to process issue or operator unavailability

Accurate costing - ensure the right amount of machine time and operator time is charged to the customer

Enhance workplace safety - digital communication tools to minimise workplace injuries and safety incidents by reducing physical walk around looking for TLs and supervisors

Optimum utilisation of time - by using this tool, our customer has found that on an average 20 mins per operator time is saved daily