Process automation, robotics, advanced sensors and analytics are reshaping the utilities industry by facilitating an increase in production, decreasing costs and driving transformation.

Introducing IoT solutions in the water, electricity, oil and gas utility industries can increase perceptiveness to improve asset utilisation, maintenance and performance. This is where IndustryCoreTM – enterprise Platform-of-Everything – steps in. It enables a comprehensive view of utility operations, facilitates predictive equipment maintenance, better tracking of assets and people, staff safety and collaborative communication.

benefits Utility administrators in the following ways

  • Seamlessly connects and collaborates with the world’s leading automation vendors to ensure real-time visibility into the status of utility operations from a single pane of glass.
  • Connects with multiple communications technologies like 3G,4G,LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, RFID and Bluetooth to achieve business and operational outcomes with ease.

  • Supports tracking and maintenance of assets like power quality units, static compensators and transformers spread across a wide geography. The same is done using LoRa, GPS, 3G/4G as well as satellite technologies. It facilitates tracking of the location, status, workflow, condition of assets and human resources needed to ensure that the operations are on track.
  • Ensures that none of the devices/assets under maintenance enter the operational workflow.

  • Captures deterioration rates for the utility assets and prevents downtime caused by them. Currently, a large part of the utilities ecosystem uses a run-to-failure strategy to administer asset management, as they have not yet digitised to incorporate sensing or monitoring technology into their networks.
  • Collects historical vibration data through monitoring sensors and establishes a motion, temperature and other industrial parameter fingerprints of each motor/piece of equipment on the site. UtilityCore studies the motion in all 3-axis – x, y and z. Over time, these motion fingerprints are collected and posted so that when the actual motion of a motor differs from its fingerprint, alerts are created.
  • Studies motion, temperature and humidity through its LoRa-based solution to provide comprehensive visibility on a wide range of machines.

  • Enables utility companies to make the safety process for human resources very user friendly and engaging.
  • Brings the utility operator and workers on a common platform where conversations are properly organised and accessible with a searchable archive.

  • Offers custom made wearables coupled with the UtilityCore platform. Wearables include custom tags and wristbands using Wi-Fi, BLE, 3G/4G and satellite technologies for staff tracking and safety.
  • Provides a smart helmet which tracks real-time worker fatigue data, especially when projects are at high altitudes, to ensure contractors and labourers are fit to perform their roles and are not experiencing excess fatigue.