Rehab Facility

The primary objective of a rehabilitation facility is to promote improvement in patients’ quality of life and return them to their optimal level of function and independence.

HealthCoreTM – our enterprise Platform-Of-Everything – ensures that rehab care promotes accelerated resident recovery effectively and efficiently.

For a Rehab Facility administrator,
HealthCore ensures the following benefits

  • Monitors sensitive patient movement continuously through its fall management solution and provides alerts during nurse rounding routines.

  • Decreases the coordination time spent by nursing and support staff by removing unnecessary steps, thus optimising bed management.

  • Provides nurses with better visibility and tracking of active calls.

  • Decreases waiting times for patients supported by real-time visibility of their location and status.
  • Increases care efficiency by automated nurse rounding and optimized bed preparation between patient discharge and new patient enrolment.

  • Notifies caregivers of immediate needs of patients when specialised buttons like Pain, Water, Toilet in the patient unit are actioned.
  • Manages high-risk patients effectively through automated alerts to caregivers thus avoiding the likelihood of patient falls, spreading of infections, etc.

  • Eliminates spoilage of sensitive drugs, organs, vaccines and food through automated 24/7 collection and monitoring of temperature data.