Private Healthcare

Private healthcare is aiming for Personalization 4.0 by ensuring better and more customised caregiving services based on individual needs. The ecosystem also wants to lower operational costs while not compromising service levels.

Consumers are also evolving as they aspire to experience a top-notch personalised caregiving experience from private healthcare institutions. HealthCoreTM, our Platform-of-Everything, ensures that the private healthcare industry offers such an experience to their consumers.

For a private healthcare administrator,
HealthCore ensures the following benefits

  • Monitors sensitive patient movement continuously through its Fall Management solution and provides alerts during nurse rounding routines.

  • Decreases waiting times for patients supported by real-time visibility of their location and status.
  • Increases care efficiency by automated nurse rounding and optimised bed preparation between patient discharge and new patient enrolment.

  • Notifies caregivers of immediate needs of patients when specialised buttons like Pain, Water, Toilet in the patient unit are actioned.
  • Facilitates direct communication of text, files and images between caregivers and relevant stakeholders for a quicker response.
  • Notifies caregivers, clinical staff and security staff on important updates directly, optimising the workflow and enabling faster information flow.

  • Facilitates an efficient hourly rounding schedule for nurses which in turn reduces the total number of nurse calls.

  • Provides real-time visibility of assets and inventory to caregivers so that they can focus on their primary functions and reduce time spent searching for assets.
  • Enhances the efficiency between CSSD and OR departments.
  • Ensures that none of the devices/assets under maintenance enter wards to prevent mishaps.

  • Eliminates spoilage of sensitive drugs, organs, vaccines and food through automated 24/7 collection and monitoring of temperature data.