Irrespective of explosive growth, the mining industry is plagued with high maintenance costs and recurring equipment failures. These ultimately translate into unplanned interruptions in mining operations leading to lower productivity. Also, by design, mining is a hazardous profession and personnel safety concerns are paramount.

That’s where IndustryCoreTM – our enterprise Platform-of-Everything – steps in. It enables a comprehensive view of mining operations, facilitates predictive equipment maintenance, better tracking of assets and people, inventory management, staff safety and collaborative communication.

benefits mining administrators in the following ways:

  • Seamlessly connects and collaborates with the world’s leading automation vendors to ensure real-time visibility into the status of mining operations from a single pane of glass.
  • Connects with multiple communications technologies like 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, RFID and Bluetooth to achieve business and operational outcomes with ease.

  • Offers custom-made wearables coupled with the IndustryCore platform. Wearables include custom tags and wristbands using Wi-Fi, BLE, 3G/4G, as well as satellite technologies.
  • Provides a smart helmet which tracks real time miner fatigue data to ensure miners are fit to perform their role and are not under excess fatigue.

  • Supports tools, people, vehicles in indoor, outdoor, as well as remote areas, using RFID, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G/4G as well as satellite technologies. It facilitates tracking of the location, status, workflow, condition of assets, equipment, materials, tools and human resources needed to ensure that the project is on track.
  • Ensures that none of the devices/assets that are under maintenance enter the mine site.

  • Assists clients in automating the management of adequate stocks level for critical spares and material. It warns the client when certain threshold levels are reached and automates the ordering process to ensure organisations are not hindered in the event of low or zero stocks.

  • Helps mining companies in pre-empting the need for frequent and expensive machine repairs by ensuring predictive maintenance through condition monitoring. It’s able to capture the deterioration rate for the mining equipment and avoids the associated downtime.
  • Collects historical vibration data through monitoring sensors and establishes a motion fingerprint of each motor/equipment in the mining site. It studies the motion in all 3-axis – x, y and z. Over time, these motion fingerprints are collected and, after that – when the actual motion of a motor is different than its fingerprint – alerts are created.
  • Studies motion, temperature and humidity through its LoRa-based solution to provide comprehensive visibility on a wide range of industrial machines.

  • Allows mining companies to make the safety process for site workers very user friendly and engaging.
  • Brings the mining operator and workers on a common platform where conversations are properly organised and accessible with a searchable archive.