CORE PoET is a modular enterprise solution which connects the physical world to the digital world in previously unimaginable ways. It helps in building Smart Hospitals, enhancing Remote Care for the elderly and making Industries safer and more productive. It makes businesses smart, safe and efficient in the following ways

  • Accuracy
    Provides automated real time information on your industry assets which eliminates human error.

  • Accountability
    Enforces responsibility on the individual and accountability for industry assets.

  • Predictability
    Real Time condition monitoring of your industrial assets with ability to predict the failures to avoid costly shutdowns or disruptions.

  • Fatigue & Duress Management
    Monitors Employees and residents in potentially hazardous surroundings for fatigue, duress and safeguards them from life threatening calamities

  • Real Time Monitoring
    Protects industry assets by monitoring them in real time. Triggers alerts based on geo fencing rules.

  • Increased Productivity
    Provides tool to digitise the current manual workflow . It also has a built in collaboration tool to share and obtain prompt onsite approvals to avoid loss in productivity.

  • Reduced costs
    Limits lost and stolen assets and items damaged by missed maintenance. Also manages unused, under-utilized & inactive assets thus helping rationalize costs.


HealthCoreTM - Build a Smart Hospital

  • Secures the environment for staff and patients

  • Improves patient care

  • Ensures optimal nurse rounding

  • Provides real-time visibility of assets

  • Ensures temperature monitoring compliance

  • Provides an intuitive staff communication tool.

AssistCoreTM - Remote Care 4.0

  • Facilitates remote monitoring

  • Ensures fall detection

  • Monitors vital signs

  • Tracks medication and well-being

  • Provides an intuitive staff communication tool

  • Provides a lone worker solution.

IndustryCore™ – Industrial Internet of Things 4.0 for mining, utilities, oil & gas and construction companies

  • Provides a 'single-pane-of-glass' solution

  • Facilitates staff safety

  • Ensures asset management

  • Manages critical material and stock levels

  • Ensures condition monitoring

  • Provides an intuitive staff communication tool.