CORE is an Enterprise Platform-Of-Everything – an industry solution which is transforming businesses to be smarter, safer and more efficient. It’s brought to you by ECSG, a global technology solutions company based in Australia. CORE is currently customised for the healthcare, mining and aged care industries through its HealthCoreTM, AssistCoreTM and IndustryCoreTMsolutions, respectively.

HealthCore is helping build smart hospitals which enable caregivers to make well-informed decisions for patient wellbeing. AssistCore ensures that elderly residents live their lives with dignity and independence while being taken care of remotely. IndustryCore helps the mining, construction and utilities industries in saving costs, improving efficiency and avoiding on-site mishaps.

We look forward to launching additional CORE industry solutions soon. If you want to learn more about CORE and how it can help your industry, please share your details for a demo. One of our representatives will get in touch with you soon.


  • Q4 November 2017:

    ECSG, in partnership with Dimension Data, successfully delivers RFID-based Asset and Inventory Management.

    Q4 November 2017
  • Q2 2017:

    ECSG launches its industry leading surgical instrument management solution for the UDI compliance.

    Q2 2017
  • Q4 2016:

    In partnership with Dimension Data, ECSG secures the RFID-based Asset and Inventory Management Project for the new Perth Children’s Hospital.

    Q4 2016
  • Q3 2016:

    ECSG successfully delivers the PCH RTLS Mobile Duress Project.

    Q3 2016
  • Q2 2016:

    In partnership with Dimension Data, ECSG further secures the integration packages to integrate its CORE Platform with Facility Enterprise Services Bus.

    Q2 2016:
  • Q3 2015:

    ECSG successfully completes the ICHTHYS Personnel Locator System (PLS) to deliver staff safety and asset visibility for the Inpex ICHTHYS Project.

    Q3 2015
  • Q3 2015:

    In partnership with Dimension Data, ECSG gets nominated as a vendor for the new Perth Children’s Hospital Location Services Project.

    Q3 2015
  • Q2 2015:

    ECSG successfully delivers the ICHTHYS Mobile Data Communication Systems (MDCS) Project leveraging Cisco WLAN Architecture.

    Q2 2015
  • Q3 2014:

    August 2014: CSE-Transtel appoints ECSG to deliver an industry-first Zone 0/ Zone1-based WLAN and RFID-based Asset and Personnel Locator Solution within their INPEX Ichthys program of works.

    Q3 2014



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